Britanico, Lolita C. Unpublished Master's Thesis, University of Nueva Caceres , Naga City , 2002.

Keywords: Factors Associated with Professional Development.

The main purpose of this study was to look into the faculty of Camarines Sur National High school professional development and the factors affecting it, S/Y 2001-2002. Specifically, this study sought to answer the following questions: 1) What is the level of professional development of the teachers along advanced studies and professionals activities? 2) Are there significant differences in the levels of professional development anong departments? 3) What are the factors perceived to affect their professional development.

The descriptive-correlation method was used in this study. The subjects were 183 teachers coming from eight departments of the Camarines Sur National High School , S/Y 2001-2002. A questionnaire was used in gathering data along advanced studies, professionals activities and factors affecting professional development.

The major conclusions of this study were: 1) The teachers' professional development for S/Y 2001-2002 was moderate along advanced studies and professionals activities. Advanced studies registered low, while professional activities, moderate. 2) The teachers level of professional development significantly differed among departments; some were of higher professional growth while others had lower, as in the case of Filipino against Science, Mathematics, Values Education, THE, and Social Studies; as well as Science against Values Education and PEHM against Values Education. 3) With the use of the weighted mean it was shown that personal factor's (Teachers' Aspiration, Health Status, and Domestic Concerns) affected the professional growth of teachers which ranged from strong to very strong while the institutional factors' (Administrative Support, DepEd's Thrust, Access to Higher Education Institutions) effect was strong. However, Multiple regression Analysis revealed that none of the personal factors influenced the teachers' development; the institutional factors (Administrative Support and DepEd's Thrust) was found to have significant effect; while access to higher education institutions had a negative and highly significant effect on the teachers' professional development.